The Writing Process for Sunbeam

Wanda is presenting the Writing Process
The Writing Process for Sunbeam

Dear Teachers,

The Writing Process for Sunbeam was developed for classroom teachers. As you know, it is important for young children to identify with an author. The Power Point presentation provides the process that I followed to write the children’s book, Sunbeam. It includes, the idea, drafts, edits, reviews, sketches from an illustrator and much more. I hope that you find it helpful in your classrooms.

My goal is for children to see themselves as writers.

School PresentationSunbeam

The presentation includes slides such as (What can I write about and some start-up statements. See below:

  • What can I write about?
  • My book cover

    My book cover

  • I could write about when I bumped my head and it started to bleed.
  • I could write about when I lost my first tooth.
  • I could write about accidentally letting my sister slide down a huge hill in the snow.
  • I could write about when the horse was delivered to my house.
  • I could write the story about Barkley in the swimming pool

Some pre-writing for this book was:

The girl rode a stick horse.
She dressed like a cow girl.
The horse was delivered to her house.
She did not get to keep it.
She was very sad.

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