Presentation Details

Wanda at the Early Childhood Conference.

Presentation Details

I would be happy to visit your school, preschool, or conference.


If face-to-face doesn’t work out, I can arrange to visit you electronically and provide a similar experience for children.

It is a thrill for me to see the children engaged in discussions about my books.

I make every effort to get the children involved in my stories. I love to share my books and to talk about my work as a writer. I always strive to engage students in my presentations and get them excited about reading and the writing process.

I present to age four through eight years old. Though I prefer to share my stories with intimate groups such as 1-2 classrooms, I will tailor my visit to meet your needs.

Materials Needed by the School
1. Speaker with lapel microphone (if venue is large).

2. You can access the following by clicking on the page or the word highlighted words.

  • The Planning Form For a Visit will provide all the details.
    • The Planning Form should be filled out and sent to me when you are requesting a visit.
  • The Announcement Letter is for you to download, print, and send to parents about my upcoming visit. It includes ordering information.
    • The Announcement Letter provides an introduction of my books, a space for you to fill in the date that I will be visiting and ordering information.
  • Tips for an Author Visit will provide the details for a successful visit.
  • A Letter to the Teachers will be my introduction.
  • I will be happy to sign and dedicate any books that are purchased. (I will need two weeks notice on the number of books that have been sold.

Fees and information:

My typical fee is $550.00/ for 2 morning sessions and one afternoon session. This does not include travel expenses. I will come for half days if the school is an easy drive. I live in NC and prefer to travel within driving distance from my home. (I am open to other areas.) I can visit electronically for 30 minute sessions at a charge of $100.00.. I would much prefer one classroom for each session if you are planning a Skype session.

Children are listening to my story, Barkley's Great Escape.
Presenting my latest book, Barkley’s Great Escape.

Ages and types of presentations:
Preschool/Kindergarten: I make every effort to design my presentations to meet the needs of this population. I try to have an energetic presentation and I encourage the children’s  involvement.

1st/2nd Grades: In addition to the stories, I have a Power Point on the writing process. As I go through the story, I am hoping that the children can envision themselves as writers.

Let me know what you have in mind for a successful visit and I will try to accommodate you.


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