Pool Safety Tips for Young Children

Pool Safety Tips for Young Children is taught by a Lab!
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A compiled list of pool safety tips for young children is below. The majority of drowning deaths result from a child falling or wandering into the water, particularly into a backyard pool. But a young child can drown in an inch of water. For many additional resources, go to http://www.poolsafely.gov/parents/safety-tips/. Please take a few minutes and read over the tips. If you have a platform such as a pastor, teacher, or health provider, I hope that you will take a few minutes and share with your population. If you have extra time, go to the above website.  Printable copy – Pool Safety for Young Children


Don’t leave your child unattended around water. (Young children can drown in as little as one inch of water.)  Supervision is not an occasional glance. It is not watching your kids playing outside while you’re inside.

Supervision is keeping eye contact with your child within touching distance.

Don’t use floating devises other than a life jacket.

You should put away cell phones, books, laptops, magazines, and discontinue conversations with friends. Young children need 100 percent of your attention when they are near or around water.

Things to do

Pools should have fencing around all four sides – not counting the house as a side – with self-closing or self-latching doors that are too high for children to reach. Drowning accidents happen when parents assume, “I thought the gate was closed,” or, “I didn’t know she could open the door.”

Put alarms on your pool so that you will be alerted if a child falls in the water.

Follow ALL safety precautions after your young children are grown. Other young children may be visiting your home or neighborhood.

When visiting someone with a backyard swimming pool, keep eye contact on your child at all times during the visit. The child may be a few easy steps to danger.

Select swim suits that are bright colors and can been seen easily under water such as orange and red. Seconds count when a child is under water.

If a child is missing in the house, check the pool first.

Be vigilant about emptying all containers of water, tubs, buckets, wading pools. Keep them upside down and out of children’s reach. (Young children are top heavy. It is easy for them to topple over).

Close and secure bathroom doors due to the water from the toilets. Young children have not grown into their bodies. Their heads are heavy and it is easy for them to topple over.

Learn CPR.

Teach children to ALWAYS ask for permission to go near the water. You can have a ritual that you teach your child with a list of things that must happen before getting into the water. This could be a way for the child to pause before entering the water.

Develop family rules such as no running; do not play near drains, etc.

Remove all pool toys out of sight of young children. (A floating toy might be tempting for a young child).

In an Emergency

Have a portable phone nearby to call for emergency help.

Have a first aid kit, life jacket, and throwing equipment nearby Keep a safety ring with a rope beside the pool at all times.

Know how to respond to an emergency.

I hope this list of Pool Safety Tips for Young Children is helpful and all of our children are safe around swimming pools and other water at home.

Wanda Wyont

MA, Birth-Kindergarten


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