My Journey to Writing a Children’s Book

My Journey to Writing a Children's Book
                Wanda with Jeb
My Journey to Writing a Children’s Book

As an children’s book writer, I’ve been asked to share my journey to writing a children’s book. Here goes….  As a young child, I  had a vivid imagination! I wrote play scripts in my head. As a preschooler, my cousin and I would say, “Let’s play like….. ” Everyday, it was a different scenario. We could be cowboys one day saving our country from outlaws and doctors the very next day healing the sick.

As I got older, I began putting down some of my thoughts on paper. I have a file drawer filled with my stories.  At times, I would think about trying to get my stories published. But, I had a family, job, and other responsibilities that made it out-of-reach for me.

After completing my graduate degree at Lenoir Rhyne University, I obtained a faculty position with Gaston College.

While teaching a class in children’s literature, I shared my own life-long dream of becoming a book writer. One of the students issued me a challenge. “Why don’t you try sending your manuscript off ?” I promised the class that I would.

My Journey to Writing a Children’s Book- I Mailed My Manuscript

I mailed my manuscript to a small publisher. After that, it happened pretty quickly. My first book, Sunbeam, was published in 2009. This publisher required that I pay for my own illustrations. I found an illustrator and the publisher took care of the rest. Since that time, I have written additional manuscripts.

My Journey to Writing a Children's Book
Elvis and Wanda

I love spending time with my family. We try to go out to lunch or dinner, often. Animals are a big part of my life. My daughter has two Golden Retrievers, Jeb and Gabby. Did I tell you that I am an Elvis fan?

My Journey to Writing a Children's Book
Girl’s Lunch – Daughter, Sister, Mother, and Niece

I spend my time writing, sharing stories with children, and teaching. Since retiring, I serve on several boards, teach part-time at Gaston College, and teach an adult Sunday School class on a rotating basis. I love to walk, especially on the beach. My daughter and I both have a passion for the ocean! My husband and I love to watch TV drama shows, read, and have friends over.

My credentials are:
  • MA in Education (Birth-Kindergarten
  • North Carolina Parenting Educator Credential (NCPEC)
  • Pool Safely Campaign Partner (US Consumer Product Safety Commissions Pool Safely Campaign)
  • Vice Chair, Partnership for Children
  • Co-Chair, NC-PreK
  • Head Start, Educational Consultant


You can access my vita here:

Professional Vita