Great Websites for Child Care and Pet Lovers

My book is sold on this website.
Barkley’s Great Escape

I have included some websites for child care and pet lovers. I refer to these often on my pages and in my blogs. As a child advocate and a pet lover, I try to read the latest on these topics. You will see that I have listed Barkley’s Company first. This is my daughter’s online pet store. Barkley was her beautiful Lab. As he aged, she recognized the need for some pet supplies to help her care for him. She discovered that it was difficult to find stores that supplied things for older dogs such as ramps. After his death, she began the online pet store and I wrote a book about one of his adventures. Go to my book page for details.


Barkley in yard
Barkley’s Company is a great website.

Barkley’s Company

This online pet store was founded based on Barkley. He also, inspired my book, Barkley’s Great Escape.


National Children’s Literacy Website

Check out this website

“More than any other single skill, the ability to read – and read well – allows a child to succeed in school, learn about the world, function in society, and someday have  decent job options.” The National Children’s Literacy Website

Early Literacy Matters

Literacy often begins early, long before children encounter formal school instruction in writing and reading. Literacy itself is not easy to define, and there are many disputes and unresolved questions about how literacy develops. Early Literacy Matters


Taking Care of Your Pets

A great website

This is listed from the site PBS Kids.

This site is filled with many child friendly activities.

  • Pets make loyal, lovable friends
  • Pets teach you how to take care of others
  • Pets teach you about responsibility
  • A pet can help you learn about animals
  • Playing with pets can make you feel happy
  • Having a pet can keep you from feeling lonely or depressed
  • Pets are good for your health
  • Your whole family can share the benefits of having a pet in your lives

Water Safety


Water Safety

On of my platforms is water safety. My children’s book, Barkley’s Great Escape, is focused on water safety. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental deaths among young children. Check out this site for great information.

Water Safety
Website on Water Safety

“Here you’ll find everything you need to know about water in the home. Whether you’re bathing your baby in the sink or splashing around with your toddler in the bathtub, water is great fun for kids. But it’s also a place where safety must come first, so here are a few tips for kids who love to get wet.”

“Nearly 1,000 kids die each year by drowning. And most drownings happen in home swimming pools.”

Check out Kids Health

“Kids need constant supervision around water – whether the water is in a bathtub, pool, the sea, or a water park. Here’s how to keep them safe.”


The Pet Book Lady

Below  is a blogger that writes about pets. I know that you will enjoy this website.

“Many dogs have already developed signs of gum disease before they reach four years of age, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). And when the mouth is unhealthy, the rest of the body often follows. While your dog may not always want to open wide for a brushing, it’s worth taking the time.” The Pet Book Lady


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