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publicity and endorsements
Publicity and Endorsements

As a children’s book writer, I wanted to share some book reviews and endorsements for Barkley’s Great Escape.

With the topic of my book on water safety, Fox journalist Joe Bruno interviewed me and the interview was aired on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015.


A great newspaper article was published in the Family Section of the paper on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.


“Barkley’s Great Escape captures the polarized feelings that children experience when they venture beyond the boundaries their caregivers have established. Just like a lovable child who will push the limits of safety to pursue the joys and excitement of freedom, the lovable Barkley also demonstrates the panic and fear caused by an innocent mistake of venturing alone. The “child” in Barkley lives in every child.”

Dr. Don Ammons
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Gaston College

“I absolutely loved Barkley’s Great Escape! This is a must for dog lovers; Wanda Wyont has captured the thoughts of all dogs who long for an adventure, but are not ready for the outcome! The illustrations are vivid, and the characters’ expressions are spot on!”

Kay Walker
College Liaison/English Instructor


I just received a great review for Barkley’s Great Escape from blogger  Megan Taylor. It is below.

“Learning water safety has never been more fun than when there are animals involved. I purposefully wanted to review this book because I wanted to talk about water safety with my children. We just had a baby and I wanted them to have a memorable story to learn from.”

“I liked how the story centers around a dog, Barkley, who gets out of his fence and goes on a grand adventure around his neighborhood. He comes to a pool and decides to get in. However, he drifts to the middle and he’s not a strong swimmer. He grows tired and thinks he’ll never make it out of the pool. He does eventually make it to the side of the pool to hang on until the pool owner’s come out and rescue him.”

“My daughter liked the illustrations that told the story very clearly, without even having to use words. She also liked that the next time Barkley went swimming, he wore a life jacket.”

“The illustrations were definitely eye-catching for a child and I enjoyed them, as well. At the back of the book, there are conversation starters and questions about water safety that allows you the chance to talk more to your child about the importance of water safety.”

“With summer coming up, this is a great book for those little guys to read and learn from.”


Blogger – Annie McDowell

Blogger and Book Reviewer

“Wanda Wyont is a genius!   Not only is her story a wonderfully delightful children’s storybook, but it has lessons to be learned, and even questions to go over when the story ends.  I think that Barkley may have more lessons coming…..but, only Wanda Wyont will know that!”

“Barkley is a dog that escapes his back yard and takes a short visit around his neighborhood.  It made me think of my dog, when he does something similar…during Barkley’s travels he goes in to a backyard of someone that has a pool, and he jumps in and needs help to get out.”

“This story is too cute, and has a huge lesson for children and parents regarding water safety.   I think that this story was genius because of the lesson, and this is a great time of year to grab it.  I see teachers wanting to read this story in class…I see parents wanting to get this for their children that love animals and pets.”

“The Illustrations are just as wonderful.  I totally see myself reading this to my young nieces and godson!  I also know they will want more from Barkley!”

“I highly recommend this children’s book!!  What is better than a great story with a water safety lesson as well!”

5 Stars.

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