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My new book
Barkley’s Great Escape

Barkley’s Great Escape is about water safety.

Cost: $14.99 plus shipping

The story enables the reader to understand the importance of water safety. It includes teaching strategies.

You may order a copy of Barkley’s Great Escape from this website or send an email to Wanda Wyont. For an autographed and personalized copy, send the pertinent information.


Children's book


Cost: $12.50 plus shipping

Sunbeam has proven to be a popular book with children. It covers the subject of disappointment and helps children to see beyond it. This story gets children involved in discussions and activities. (While I share the book at school visits, Sunbeam is currently out-of-print).

For a limited time, you may purchase Sunbeam by ordering directly to  Wanda Wyont for an autographed and personalized copy. The shipping cost will depend upon your location. In the Continental US, it will be around $4.00. By clicking on my name, you will be communicating via email. You can let me know the child’s name to inscribe in the book.

The link below provides a list of skills that children glean from books.

The Power of Books

The link below opens to a page with quotes on the importance of reading to children.

Inspire Kids