Author Visit to School

To prepare for an author visit to school, the planning form below will help you plan for my visit or for the visit of another author.

(The link below is a printable version of the information of this page.)

Planning Form for a Visit

Thank you ahead of time for inviting me to your school. I love to make presentations. See the planning form on my website that provides the details about my visit.

The form below will help me to get a better picture of your school or child care center.

Please attach this form to an email when requesting a visit.
1. School or Child Care Center Name: _____________________
2. School Address _____________________
3. Contact Person _________________________________________
Name, Title, Phone Number, and Email Address

4. Requested Dates: 1st Choice _____ 2nd Choice _____3rd Choice ______
5. Grades or Ages of Children: _________________
6. Number of Children: _________________
7. Do you plan to print the Announcement Poster? Display them ____Distribute them to each child? _____
8. All book orders should be processed within two weeks of presentation date.
9. How many presentations have you scheduled? _____
a. Provide a schedule below with a tentative number in each group.
10. Have you identified the space for the presentation? ____ Where? ______
11. Do you have a lapel microphone? ___ Laptop? ___ LCD Projector _____
12. Do you have someone to set-up the technology? ____


My List Of Requests:
– A bottle of water
– I love unsweetened tea and coffee, too.
– Lunch Arrangements
– Please limit the number of children to 100 per group or smaller
– Please read my book to the kids before my visit and let them know that I am coming to your facility.
– Please don’t ask me to do extra sessions beyond our agreed upon schedule.
– It is nice to have someone introduce me to each group. My biography is on my website.
– Although I don’t require it, a book sale makes the visit more meaningful.
– I will be happy to do two morning sessions at one school and two afternoon sessions at another school.

There are other good sites such as this one at Random House.

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