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Children's Author, Blogger, and Parent Educator
Wanda Wyont, children’s author.

Wanda Wyont is a children’s author, blogger, and parent educator. 

Mrs. Wyont spends her time teaching parent education, visiting schools, child care centers and building a website that provides resources for early childhood professionals. With her diverse teaching roles from preschool through college age, she identifies with all facets of the early childhood field.  Wanda’s resume includes child care, teacher assistant, college instructor, and college administrator. She writes magazine and newspaper articles, state and federal grants, and professional papers.

As a children’s author, Mrs. Wyont lists writing books as the most fun!

The books are listed below. She presents the writing process and gives books talks to schools and child care centers. The power point presentation on the writing process is included on this web site.

Wanda presents numerous topics throughout the state and nationally.

Recently, she learned that some college students had been assigned her website as a reading assignment.

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Children's Author, Blogger, and Parent Educator
Barkley’s Great Escape

Barkley, a friendly yellow lab,

escapes from the backyard and sets out on a grand adventure. But when a casual dip in a neighbor’s swimming pool nearly leads to a drowning, Barkley learns a very important lesson. According to the CDC, every day about ten people die from unintentional drowning with children between the ages of 1 and 4 having the highest drowning rates. Barkley’s Great Escape (Ambassador International; March 2015; $14.99, hardcover) offers parents and educators a way to open and expand the important conversation of water safety with young readers.

Children's Author, Blogger, and Parent Educator
Barkley at the beach

Just like a child might feel, Barkley is enticed by the nice, cool water in his neighbor’s swimming pool. At first he enjoyed splashing in the water, but soon he realized it was deep and he was in trouble. Eventually his barks for help were heard and Barkley was rescued, but this book will help children to know the dangers of swimming without supervision. This is such an important lesson for parents to cover and Barkley helps introduce it in a fun, but memorable way. The book is based on a true story.


Children’s Author, Blogger, and Parent Educator

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Children's Author, Blogger, and Parent Educator
Wanda at a school.

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